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MAIS believes in nurturing the inherent skills and talents of its  students. We have dedicated clubs to encourage students to be active participants and excel in their areas of interest.


We the members of QuicMais, started the voyage of 2014-2015 through the ocean of knowledge under the captaincy of Miss. Anju John. By updating the notice board every fortnight,  we update ourselves with the new and old knowledge. This year’s Inter-House quiz competition was worth enough for all the knowledge hunters. It inspired all the students to explore the world of who and whom; when and where; how and why. In this out set we are grateful to our Principal, academic coordinators, teachers and all those who supported us through out the year. Last but not the least, God Almighty: the source of all wisdom for his blessings.



“Nature is God’s art with man as the instrument.”
In this fast moving world, to take our students back to nature is the need of the hour. To give them back the opportunities to smell and experience nature is provided by the club through interesting activities.


The INGENIOUS promotes scientific temper and inquisitiveness among our students. Students get the direct opportunity to experience various scientific phenomenons. It aims to develop the profile of Science in school, developing a positive change in attitude towards science lessons; the club organizes various levels of programs and competitions. Students are thus provided a different experience with science lessons apart from the tedious classroom sessions.


“If you could solve a problem easily, you’ve done it wrong”
Updating notice boards every fortnight, students are diverted to the various fields in mathematics like puzzles, fun, histories, mathematical awards and updates.
Waiting to explore more in Mathematics in the coming year, Diaphantines are here with amazing ventures.


We the Negotiators, representing MUN and Debate club started off our years proceeding with the motto “to gain and to give.” Current affairs and international treaties formed were the important part of our agenda. Notice board was filled to the brim with articles of the same. Mock debating sessions and interesting campaigns are all an inseparable part of the club. The year was wrapped up by opening a stall at Exhibeo aimed at making everyone aware of what a ‘Mock United Nation is! Thus giving and gaining knowledge, we continue our meritorious path of success.


Dazzling Thespians 

DAZZLING THESPIANS is the drama club of MAIS. It provides pupils with the opportunity to create and develop their own work in an informal and friendly environment. We work on teamwork and confidence building skills as well as exploring ways to develop social awareness. It is not only a way to enlarge their friend circle but also to develop communication and presentation skills within a relaxed and joyous environment.
DAZZLING THESPIANS’ mission is to:
• Explore Art
• Perform Art
• Serve through Art




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Principal's Desk
Welcome to Mar Athanasius International School, where the journey of education transforms into a captivating adventure of self-discovery and empowerment! As the Principal of MAIS, I am thrilled to invite you to join our vibrant community dedicated to nurturing the minds and hearts of our future leaders.