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Mar Athanasius College Association 70th year Celebration



70th year Celebration


(Applicable for Higher secondary students only)

General Rules and Regulations

• The final entries for each event must reach the school on or before 25th  November.
• The competitions are for the students of Higher Secondary School (State / CBSE/ ICSE :Plus one and Plus two Students only)

 • Screening will be done and the selected teams will get confirmation on or before November 25th.

• Selected teams can pay the registration fee in the given account number.

Recipient Name – Mar Athanasius International School, Kothamangalam

Account No. – 10080200010809

IFSC Code – FDRL0001008

Bank Name – The Federal Bank Ltd. Kothamangalam

• After the fee remittance at bank please inform the remittance details to school by whatsapp to school phone- 9496187022

• The decision of the officials /judges is final and will be binding on the participants.
• The schedule of event will be finalized by the organizing committee.
• The participants with escorting officials must report to the venue one hour before the schedule of the event.
• The team /participants that do not report on time will be disqualified after three calls within 5 minutes from the scheduled time.
• Participants cannot wear school uniforms for the competition.
• During the conduct of an event the escorting staff should ensure the required discipline of participating members from his/her school.

  • The registration charges for participating in events per team will be as follows:
Group song (fusion ) – Rs.500/-
Quiz - Rs.500/-
Mime - Rs.500/-
Fusion theme dance - Rs.1000/-

Competition Guidelines

1. Group Song ( Fusion)
• Time limit -5 to 10 minutes
• No. of participants: 6-10
• A combination of boys and girls is allowed for group song.
• Karaoke/any one stringed instrument is permitted and can be played by one of the team member.
• Participants can mix a minimum number of 3 songs and a maximum number of 5 songs.
• Fusion of film song is allowed.
• The setting time for the event shall not exceed 2 minutes.
• The competition music must not contain inappropriate, lewd or offensive language .
• The judgement will be based on:

  •  Sruthi
  •  Thalam
  • Synchronization
  •  Overall performance
  • 2. Fusion Theme Dance

• Time limit – 5 to 10 minutes
• Number of participants : 5- 15
• The dance should be based on a theme.Any kind of group dance /fusion which conveys a theme is allowed..
•  Different style of music is allowed.
• The team may either be composed of all boys, all girls or a combination of both.
• The setting time for the event shall not exceed 2 minutes.
• Costumes must not be provocative or lewd.

• The judgement will be based on

  • Rhythm
  • Formations
  •  Clarification of theme
  •  Costume and make- up
  •  Set and props
  •  Overall performance

3. Mime (Group event)

• Time limit: 5-7minutes
• No. of participants : 5-15
• The act should not contain any dialogue or lip sync.
• Background music is allowed.
• The theme should not be announced and should only be conveyed through gestures and movement.
• Contestants will be disqualified if act contains any offensive disrespectful actions or gestures.
• Negative points for exceeding time limit.
• Properties are not allowed.
• Judgement will be based on the novelty of the idea.

4. Quiz – Rules

Topic- General Knowledge

Spot registration for quiz will be available at the registration counter at 8.30am
• The quiz competition is for the students of Higher Secondary School (State / CBSE/ ICSE :Plus one and Plus two Students)
• There is no restriction on the number of participating teams from an institution.
• Each team consists of only 3 members.
• The competition is to be conducted in two rounds ( Preliminary round and final round )
• Preliminary round is the selection for the final round. It is to be conducted as a written examination to select the final teams.

 For more enquiries 

Contact: Jassina O U 

               Mob:  7558881108

               Nivya Maria George

               Mob: 9544214199




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