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A green tribute to our Environment!

Planting saplings and takings oaths is a common sight in the month of June for the conservation and protection of the environment. To make a difference the primary students of M A International School created artistic impressions out of green leaves and dry leaves to convey the message from Mother Nature that creativity is natural and not synthesized.The juniors collected various spices, seeds and pulses as an expression of nature's bountiful riches for the new and old generation alike. 
The craft works and the seed collections got applause from the teachers and the students for the effort and effective utilisation of natural products.

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News & Announcements
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Mrs. Anitha George is a seasoned educator with over 21 years of experience in the field of education. She started her career as a Chemistry teacher, served as an ICSE examiner for 10 years, and as a team leader for 4 years...